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Glossy Menu Icon Set

An icon set of more than 750 stylish pictograms with that "glossy" look used in Windows 8, 7, Vista, and Mac OS X. Glossy icons are versatile and recognizable, blend easily with almost any style and work on any operating system. The collection of stock icons addresses the needs of a wide range of application designers from office work and file operations to social networking and gaming. If you are looking for a huge set of images covering the broadest range of topics that go easily with any modern platform, Glossy Menu Icon Set may be the perfect choice for you.

With numerous variations and four file formats (ICO, PNG, GIF, and BMP) you're getting more than 22000 different images! Variations include three different states (Normal, Disabled, and Hot), five sizes (48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, and 16x16 pixels), two color resolutions (32-bit True Color with alpha-channel and 256-color version), and four file formats. The semi-transparent True Color images will blend smoothly with any background.
Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 1282
Image quantity: 30768
File quantity: 57690
Price: $99.00 / 79.00 EUR
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Glossy Menu Icons

Save Icon Save As Icon Save All Icon Save Image Icon Floppy Icon New Folder Icon Close Folder Icon Open Folder Icon Open Icon Up Folder Icon Find In Folder Icon Publish Folder Icon Open File Icon Documents Icon Closed Folder Icon Folder Tree Icon Note Icon New Note Icon Delete Note Icon Next Note Icon Previous Note Icon View Icon Zoom In Icon Zoom Out Icon Find Icon Find Text Icon Find On Computer Icon Flip Icon Sync Icon Refresh Icon Synchronize Icon Undo Icon Redo Icon Revert Icon Forbidden Icon Cancel Icon Danger Icon Abort Icon No Icon Stop Sign Icon Create Icon Add Icon Remove Icon Delete Icon Reject Icon Cut Icon Clipboard Icon Paste Icon Paste Document Icon Trash Icon Trash Can Icon Empty Dustbin Icon Full Dustbin Icon Recycle Bin Icon Full Recycle Bin Icon Burn Recycle Bin Icon Accept Icon Apply Icon Tick Icon OK Icon Yes Icon Back Icon Forward Icon Go Back Icon Go Forward Icon Go Down Icon Go Up Icon Down Icon Up Icon Previous Icon Next Icon First Icon Last Icon Bottom Icon Top Icon Left-Right Icon Up-Down Icon Fast Back Icon Fast Forward Icon Downward Pointer Icon Pointer Icon Select Icon Move Icon Move Diagonally Icon Position Icon Rotate CW Icon Rotate CCW Icon Rotate Left Icon Rotate Right Icon Flip Horizontally Icon Flip Vertically Icon Rotation Icon Update Icon Start Icon Restart Icon Run Icon Turn Off Icon Close Icon Terminate Icon Switch Button Icon Execute Icon Error Icon Warning Icon Problem Icon Single Problem Icon Registered Problem Icon Multiple Problems Icon Info Icon Information Icon Help Icon Support Icon Question Icon Hint Icon Help Book Icon Questionnaire Icon About Icon Message Icon Comment Icon Quote Icon Balloon Icon
Hints Icon Page Icon New File Icon Page Break Icon List Icon List Page Icon Lists Icon Blank Icon Blanks Icon Edit Document Icon Edit Prices Icon Add Page Icon Remove Page Icon Align Page Center Icon Align Page Left Icon Align Page Right Icon All Reports Icon Overpatching Icon Report Icon Reports Icon Reports Pages Icon Binary File Icon Certificate Icon Certification Icon Form Icon Export Text Icon Import Text Icon Market Report Icon Paper Icon No Paper Icon Encipher Icon Notebook Icon Sign Icon Personal Signature Icon Bad Mark Icon Certification Seal Icon Stamp Icon Rename Document Icon Notepad Icon Notes Icon Draft Icon Number List Icon Object Icon Object Manager Icon Page Structure Icon Task List Icon Word Sample Icon Copy Icon Inventory Icon Invoice Icon Compare Files Icon Digital Signature Icon Properties Icon Final Document Icon Landscape Icon Portrait Icon How To Icon Order Icon Image File Icon Images Icon Price List Icon Scenario Icon Script Icon Roll Icon Scroll List Icon Refresh Document Icon Cheque Icon Cards Icon Client List Icon Restrictions Icon Signature Icon Tasks Icon Site Map Icon Text File Icon Text File Error Icon View File Icon Web Document Icon PDF File Icon Script Code Icon Prepare Icon Preview Icon Html Message Icon News Icon Card Icon User Account Icon Accounts Icon Workspace Icon Open Book Icon Diary Icon Thesaurus Icon Case History Icon Reference Books Icon Open References Icon Bookmark Icon Address Book Icon Book Icon Book Library Icon Card File Icon Open Card Index Icon Card Index Icon Envelope Icon Letter Icon Receive Icon Send Mail Icon Get Mail Icon Write Email Icon Sync E-Mail Icon Open Mail Icon Stickers Icon Web Form Icon Forms Icon Web Site Icon Justify Icon Align Center Icon Align Left Icon Align Right Icon Bold Icon Italic Icon Underlined Icon Special Symbols Icon
Enlarge Size Icon Reduce Size Icon Select Font Icon Font Style Icon Text Icon Sum Icon Superscript Icon Subscript Icon Symbol Icon Formula Icon Email Icon ABC Icon Letters And Digits Icon Spell Checking Icon Translation Icon Replace Icon Digits Icon Korea Icon Numbers Icon Number Icon Sort 1-9 Icon Sort 9-1 Icon Sort A-Z Icon Sort Z-A Icon Pen Icon Pencil Icon Blue Pencil Icon Black Pencil Icon Green Pencil Icon Graphic Tool Icon Feather Icon Dropper Icon Wide Brush Icon Brush Icon Eraser Icon Search Icon Search Next Icon Search Previous Icon Inquiry Icon User Icon User Comment Icon Visual Communicaton Icon Appointment Icon Logistics Icon User Group Icon User Login Icon Add Users Icon User Logout Icon Users Icon Death Icon Copywriter Icon Coffee Break Icon Spy Icon Security Guard Icon Thief Icon Somebody Icon Editor Icon Einstein Icon Male Icon Guy Icon Girl Icon Children Icon Lady Icon Graphic Designer Icon Pirate Icon Admin Icon Agent Icon Boss Icon Online Contacts Icon Social Network Icon People Icon Hacker Icon People Contact Icon People Contacts Icon People Online Icon Worker Icon Police Officer Icon Boy Icon Hiker Icon Blogger Icon Blonde Icon Female Icon Decorator Icon Designer Icon Driver Icon Computer Doctor Icon Hospital Nurse Icon Student Icon Software Designer Icon Web Designer Icon Locked Users Icon Writer Icon Professor Icon Lecturer Icon Monkey Icon Customers Icon Conference Icon Meeting Icon Event Manager Icon Staff Icon Receptionist Icon Secretary Icon Publicity Agent Icon Postman Icon Key Keeper Icon Security Control Icon Traffic Protection Icon Painter Icon Engineer Icon Serviceman Icon Book-Keeper Icon Chief Medical Officer Icon Clients Icon Family Icon Female Profile Icon Large Group Icon Marketer Icon Mechanic Icon Personal Loan Icon Physician Icon
Soldier Icon Uncle Sam Icon Unemployed Icon Handshake Icon Index Icon Window Icon Twitter Icon Twitter Bird Icon Facebook Icon Blog Icon Blogging Icon RSS Icon RSS Button Icon Cms Icon Youtube Icon News Source Icon Newspaper Icon Podcast Icon Advertising Icon History Icon Schedule Icon Time Icon Watch Icon Stop Watch Icon Digital Clock Icon Desk Clock Icon DB Events Icon Clock Icon Timetable Icon Timer Icon Scheduled Icon Income Icon Credit Icon Call Icon Alarm Clock Icon Alarm Icon Time Machine Icon Tear-Off Calendar Icon Period End Icon Calendar Icon Week Icon Date And Time Icon Time Management Icon Appointment Calendar Icon Wake Up Icon Moon Icon Sleep Icon Repeat Icon Go Icon Play Icon Pause Icon Stop Icon Holidays Icon Gauge Icon Bed Icon Demography Icon Gift Icon Bell Icon Emotion Icons Smile Icon Sad Icon Microprocessor Icon Computer Icon Computers Icon Matrix Icon Display Icon Monitor Icon Desktop Icon Desktop Computer Icon Intranet Icon Local Security Policy Icon Notebook Computer Icon TV Icon Workgroup Icon My Computer Icon Access Icon Repair Computer Icon Data Synchronization Icon Data Transmission Icon Remote Access Icon PC-PDA Synchronization Icon Server Synchronization Icon Backup Icon Restore Icon Windows PC Icon Print Icon Print Preview Icon Printer Icon Install Icon Uninstall Icon User Support Icon Registry Icon Sound File Icon Sound Icon No Sound Icon Music Icon Forum Icon Megaphone Icon Volume Icon Volume Down Icon Volume Up Icon Sound Regulator Icon Loud Speaker Icon Microphone Icon Head Phones Icon Drum Icon Musical Instruments Icon CD Icon Music Disk Icon DVD Icon Mouse Icon Laser Printer Icon Microsoft Flag Icon Protection2 Icon Data Transfer Icon Chat Icon Computer Access Icon PC Access Icon Phone Number Icon Telephone Directory Icon
Phone Support Icon Phones Icon Telephone Icon Phone Receiver Icon Mobile Phone Icon Cellphone Icon Phone Icon Keypad Icon IPad Icon IPhone Icon Calculator Icon IPod Icon PDA Icon Android Icon GPS Icon GPS Navigator Icon Remote Control Icon Contact Icon VOIP Icon 3D Bar Chart Icon Diagram Icon 3D Design Icon 2D Pie Chart Icon Pie Chart Icon 3D Pie Chart Icon 3D Chart Icon Abacus Icon Accept Changes Icon Actual Size Icon Air Cargo Icon Air Tickets Icon Airplane Icon Panel Truck Icon Ambulance Car Icon Anchor Icon Apple PC Icon Attach Icon Auction Icon Auto Insurance Icon Automobile Loan Icon Orange Bus Icon Automobile Loan Interest Payment Icon Baby Carriage Icon Road Icon Baggage Icon Bank Icon Bank Service Icon Sales Icon Barcode Icon Barcode Scanner Icon Barcode Scanning Icon Battery Icon Beverage Icon Bike Icon Black Car Icon Tunnel Icon Ship Icon Trailer Icon Tank Truck Icon Lorry Icon Order Tracking Icon Forklift Truck Icon Delivery Icon Bus Icon Blue Car Icon Pickup Icon Subway Icon Tow Truck Icon Train Icon Road Roller Icon Fire Engine Icon Courier Icon Rocket Icon Turtle Icon Snail Icon Boat Icon Yacht Icon Satellite Icon Freight Car Icon Freight Charges Icon Freight Container Icon Bomb Icon Skull Icon Bookmark Pin Icon Pin Icon Warehouse Icon Package Icon Box Icon Shopping Cart Icon Pallet Icon Pick Icon Put Away Icon Transfer Icon Sale Icon Loading Icon Medical Store Icon Briefcase Icon Bulldozer Icon Burner Icon Unloading Icon Buy Icon Buyer Bag Icon Cable Heating Icon Cabriolet Icon Calc Stakes Icon Camcorder Icon Camera Icon Car Icon Car Card Index Icon Police Car Icon Car Crash Icon Camel Icon Horse Icon Car Key Icon Car Repair Icon Cargo Icon Cargo Ship Icon Cars Icon Red Bus Icon Red Car Icon
Category Icon Center Icon Chart Icon Check Boxes Icon Check Out Cart Icon Checking Area Icon China Icon Clear Icon Clip Icon Closed Package Icon Clothes Icon Coffee Icon Dollar Icon Coin Icon Coins Icon Payments Icon Bundle Icon Conversion Of Currency Icon Finance Icon Fire Damage Icon Tax Icon Medical Insurance Icon Mortgage Loan Icon Money Turnover Icon ATM Icon Piggy Bank Icon Safe Icon Cash Register Icon Card Terminal Icon Color Icon Color Layers Icon Color Profile Icon Compass Icon Configuration Icon Construction Icon Contrast Icon Crane Truck Icon Crawler Crane Icon Bank Cards Icon Credit Cards Icon Curve Points Icon Dashboard Icon Design Icon Desk Icon Download Icon Download Image Icon Driil Icon Drugs Icon Earnings Icon Ecology Icon Recycling Icon Edit Text Icon Electronics Icon Keyboard Icon Environment Icon Excavator Icon Exit Icon Explosive Icon Express Block Icon Eye Icon Favourites Icon Figures Icon Filmclapper Icon Filter Icon Filters Icon Firewall Icon First Aid Icon Flights Icon Flood  Fill Icon Flow Block Icon Flowers Icon Food Icon Frame Icon Frames Icon Video File Icon Free Icon Fruits Icon Fuel Icon Full Basket Icon Furniture Icon Gallery Icon Portfolio Icon Generator Icon Goods Icon Hammer Icon Hand Truck Icon Helicopter Icon Hide Icon Hierarchy Icon Hourglass Icon House Icon Hub Icon Hyperlink Icon Icon Design Icon Inspector Icon Instrument Icon Internet Icon Homepage Icon Internet Access Icon Internet Application Icon Internet Explorer Icon IP Address Icon Items Icon Japan Icon Journey Icon Travel Icon Knowledge Icon Link Icon Key Icon Access Key Icon Key Copy Icon Lock Icon Open Lock Icon Registration Icon Login Icon Keys Icon Secrecy Icon Refresh Key Icon Login Form Icon Logout Icon
Macro Icon Mail Icon Send Icon Market Icon Measure Icon Medical Supplies Icon Messages Icon Money Icon Movie Icon Multimedia File Icon Network Icon Network Computer Icon Network Group Icon Network Connection Icon New Icon Objects Icon Office Icon Online Library Icon Online References Icon Online Store Icon Open Barrier Icon Close Barrier Icon Paint Icon Palette Icon Pan Icon Parental Control Icon Payment Icon PC-Web Synchronization Icon Percent Icon Photo Icon Picture Icon Picture File Icon Ping Icon Pipe Line Icon Product Basket Icon Products Icon Publisher Icon Reflex Camera Icon Repair Icon Roller Icon Router Icon Rulers Icon Sandbag Icon Save Data Icon Scales Icon Scanner Icon Screen Settings Icon Screw Icon Screwdriver Icon Wrench Icon Knife Icon SEO Icon Settings Icon Protection Icon Shield Icon Shredder Icon Size Icon Smooth Icon Sofa Icon Spectacles Icon Sporting Goods Icon Stake Calculation Icon Statistics Icon Store Icon Storehouse Icon System Icon Taxi Icon Tooling Icon Tools Icon Touch Icon Transparency Icon Transport Icon T-Shirt Icon Units Icon Update Password Icon Upload Icon Upload Image Icon UPS Icon USB Drive Icon Water Drop Icon Weather Icon Web Camera Icon Web Design Icon Wheeled Tractor Icon Wind Rose Icon Navigator Icon Wizard Icon Working Gloves Icon Helmet Icon XXX Icon Zoom Place Icon Component Icon Element Icon Copyright Icon Buoy Icon Content Icon Dropdown List Icon Empty Blue Button Icon Empty Green Button Icon Empty Red Button Icon Empty Silver Button Icon Empty Yellow Button Icon Empty Black Button Icon USA Flag Icon Languages Icon British Flag Icon Green Flag Icon Red Flag Icon European Flag Icon Yellow Flag Icon Start Flag Icon Start Flags Icon Love Icon Publish Icon Stock Down Icon Stock Up Icon Www Icon Web Statistics Icon Under Construction Icon Electric Hazard Icon
Maintenance Icon SSL Icon Provider Icon PHP Icon Mailbox Icon Java Icon Hosting Icon FTP Account Icon FTP Icon Autoreply Icon Antivirus Icon Antifishing Icon Antispam Icon Spam Icon Account Icon SAAS Icon Network Traffic Icon Earth Icon Cloud Computing Icon Clone Icon Stock Icon Sports Icon Room Icon Product Icon Medical Icon Electric Icon Animal Icon Fireball Icon Protect Icon Access Control Icon Finger Print Icon Automation Icon Bluetooth Icon Cable Icon Ceiling Fixture Icon Control Panel Icon Desk Lamp Icon Diode Icon Electrical Outlet Icon Electrical Plug Icon Fingerprint Reader Icon Fluorescent Lamp Icon Disabled Icon Enabled Icon High Temperature Icon Infrastructure Icon IRDA Icon Lamps Icon Light Diode Lamp Icon Low Temperature Icon Radio Transmitter Icon Robot Icon Scan Fingerprint Icon Socket Icon Sockets Icon Structure Icon Switch Icon Temperature Icon Thermometer Icon USB Symbol Icon Wall Fixture Icon Wi-Fi Icon Wire Icon Water Supply Icon Pan Map Icon Answering Machine Icon Automatic Icon Gear Icon CCTV Icon Connect Icon Disconnect Icon Satellite Antenna Icon Tape Icon Video Cable Icon Bank Account Icon Tag Icon Entire Network Icon Gamepad Icon Insurance Icon Location Icon Money Bag Icon Retort Icon Star Icon Umbrella Icon Wedding Icon World Icon Web Icon Globe Icon Time Zone Icon Webcam Icon Resize Picture Icon Out Of Service Icon Fax Icon Done Tasks Icon Camcoder Icon Graphic Tools Icon Music Notes Icon Hand Icon Good Mark Icon Events Icon Doctor Icon Clear Document Icon Check File Icon Black List Icon Attribute Icon Burn CD Icon Check Options Icon Counter Icon Flowchart Icon Genealogy Icon Graph Icon Lookup Icon Door Icon Open Door Icon Personal Smartcard Icon Resources Icon Steering Wheel Icon Flame Icon Atomic Icon Target Icon
Home Network Icon Brick Wall Icon Bricks Icon Home Icon Company Icon Home V2 Icon Hotel Icon City Icon Building Icon Buildings Icon Factory Icon Petroleum Industry Icon Copy Document Icon Red Undo Icon Green Redo Icon Explore Icon Zoom Icon Graphic Design Icon Color Palette Icon Color Balance Icon Disaster Icon Rotate Icon Question Mark Icon Lists1 Icon Todo List Icon Task List1 Icon Image Icon Book Of Records Icon Brief Case Icon Volume Level Icon Server Icon Chip Icon Archive Icon Pack Icon Unpack Icon Send Data Icon Remote Access1 Icon Refresh Backup Icon Barrel Icon Barrels Icon Put Icon Extract Icon Energy Icon CD-Disk Icon DB Icon Map Icon Maps Icon 3D Chart1 Icon Metal Shopping Cart Icon Pallet 3D Icon Expert Icon Storekeeper Icon Audience Icon Bank Service1 Icon Office Chair Icon Directory Icon Busy Icon Call Up Icon Dial Icon Hangup Icon Contact1 Icon Phone And Monitor Icon Dialing Icon Smart Phone Icon Monitor And Phone Icon Office Phone Icon Gantt Chart Icon Gantt Charts Icon Time Management1 Icon Jeep Icon Car Expenses Icon Black Bus Icon Shipping Icon Taxi-Lorry Icon Hangar Icon Hoisting Crane Icon Wheelbarrow Icon Banner Icon Burn Text Icon Cosmetics Icon Kitchen Icon Home Technics Icon Interior Icon Stairs Icon Add User Icon Add Users1 Icon Add User Group Icon Remove User Icon Remove Users Icon Remove User Group Icon Create User Icon Create Users Icon Create User Group Icon Accept User Icon Apply User Icon Valid User Icon Reject User Icon Delete User Icon Edit User Icon Find User Icon Find Users Icon View User Icon Lock User Icon Lock Users Icon Locked Users1 Icon Next User Icon Previous User Icon Refresh User Icon User Error Icon User Problem Icon User Folder Icon User Info Icon User Message Icon User Time Icon User Warning Icon Mad Scientist Icon Client Icon Clients1 Icon Client Group Icon Blog Message Icon
Blogs Icon Sync Changes Icon File Server Icon Traceroute Icon Sync IP Table Icon Resolve IP Range Icon Image1 Icon HDD Icon Archive1 Icon Price List1 Icon Credit Card Icon Bank Properties Icon Internet Bank Icon Donation Icon FAQ Icon Send Fax Icon Enter Icon Games Icon Music1 Icon Music Converter Icon Audio Converter Icon Video Icon Gateway Icon My Pictures Icon Smart Tag Icon DLL Icon System File Icon USB Icon Broken Display Icon Fax1 Icon Data Filter Icon PCMCIA Device Icon Memory Icon Hard Drive Icon Keyboard1 Icon Turn On Icon Function Icon Function X Icon Configuration1 Icon Config Icon Measure1 Icon Plus Icon Minus Icon Modules Icon Gradation Icon Birthday Icon Convert Sound Icon Audio Converter1 Icon Midi Converter Icon Recycle Icon Converter Icon Datasheet Icon Table Icon Tables Icon Grid Icon Import Table Icon Export Table Icon Flowchart Builder Icon Nested Table Icon SQL Query Icon Update SQL Icon DB1 Icon Data Source Icon Data Set Icon Merge Tables Icon Stock Table Icon Datasheets Icon Batch Move Icon Query Results Icon Previous Table Icon Next Table Icon Send Table Icon Refresh Table Icon Revert Table Icon Update Table Icon Attach Table Icon Mark Table Icon Pin Table Icon Point Table Icon Choose Table Icon View Table Icon Find Table Icon Look Table Icon Cut Table Icon Create Table Icon Add Table Icon Table Wizard Icon New Table Icon Edit Table Icon Correct Table Icon Save Table Icon Delete Table Icon Erase Table Icon Clear Table Icon Table Eraser Icon Check Table Icon Accept Table Icon Repair Table Icon Remove Table Icon Forbidden Table Icon Table Exclamation Icon Table Problem Icon Table Errort Icon Table Warning Icon OK Table Icon Table Info Icon About Table Icon Print Table Icon Trash Table Icon No Table Icon Favourites Table Icon Money Table Icon Credit Card Table Icon Lock Table Icon Table Key Icon Filter Table Icon Table Options Icon Table Settings Icon System Table Icon Copyright Table Icon
Calculate Table Icon Email Field Icon Letter Table Icon Table Letter Icon Phone Field Icon Phone Table Icon Call Table Icon Pie Chart Table Icon Pie Chart Grid Icon 3D Diagram Icon Table Figures Icon Table Query Icon Query Table Icon Table Comment Icon Table Hint Icon Table Question Icon Table Meter Icon RSS Table Icon Global Table Icon Web Table Icon Fast Table Icon Table Events Icon Table Bomb Icon Table Glossary Icon Table Navigation Icon Table Objects Icon Todo Table Icon Credit Table Icon Income Table Icon Table Phone Icon Music Table Icon Sound Table Icon Percent Value Icon Calculated Field Icon Table Font Icon Table User Icon User Table Icon Timetable1 Icon Excel Icon Table 4X4 Icon Table 3X3 Icon Table 2X2 Icon Table Cell Icon Data Cube Icon Database Table Icon Database Icon Database Security Icon Data Server Icon Find Data Icon SQL Icon Copy Database Icon New Database Icon Edit Data Icon Add Database Icon Apply Database Icon Delete Database Icon Destroy Database Icon Connect Database Icon Disconnect Database Icon Lock Database Icon Unlock Database Icon Search Data Icon Repair Database Icon Restore Data Icon Backup Data Icon Backup Database Icon Restore Database Icon Remote Database Icon Database Access Icon Database Configuration Icon Dataset Provider Icon Session Icon Db Relations Icon Run SQL Icon Stored Proc Icon Add Record Icon Remove Record Icon Delete Record Icon First Record Icon Last Record Icon Previous Record Icon Next Record Icon

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2d pie chart icon, 3d bar chart icon, 3d chart icon, 3d chart icon, 3d design icon, 3d diagram icon, 3d pie chart icon, Abacus icon, ABC icon, Abort icon, About icon, About table icon, Accept icon, Accept changes icon, Accept table icon, Accept user icon, Access icon, Access control icon, Access key icon, Account icon, Accounts icon, Actual size icon, Add icon, Add database icon, Add page icon, Add record icon, Add table icon, Add user icon, Add user group icon, Add users icon, Add users icon, Address book icon, Admin icon, Advertising icon, Agent icon, Air cargo icon, Air tickets icon, Airplane icon, Alarm icon, Alarm clock icon, Align center icon, Align left icon, Align page center icon, Align page left icon, Align page right icon, Align right icon, All reports icon, Ambulance car icon, Anchor icon, Android icon, Animal icon, Answering machine icon, Antifishing icon, Antispam icon, Antivirus icon, Apple PC icon, Apply icon, Apply database icon, Apply user icon, Appointment icon, Appointment calendar icon, Archive icon, Archive icon, ATM icon, Atomic icon, Attach icon, Attach table icon, Attribute icon, Auction icon, Audience icon, Audio converter icon, Audio converter icon, Auto insurance icon, Automatic icon, Automation icon, Automobile loan icon, Automobile loan interest payment icon, Autoreply icon, Baby carriage icon, Back icon, Backup icon, Backup data icon, Backup database icon, Bad mark icon, Baggage icon, Balloon icon, Bank icon, Bank account icon, Bank cards icon, Bank properties icon, Bank service icon, Bank service icon, Banner icon, Barcode icon, Barcode scanner icon, Barcode scanning icon, Barrel icon, Barrels icon, Batch move icon, Battery icon, Bed icon, Bell icon, Beverage icon, Bike icon, Binary file icon, Birthday icon, Black bus icon, Black car icon, Black list icon, Black pencil icon, Blank icon, Blanks icon, Blog icon, Blog message icon, Blogger icon, Blogging icon, Blogs icon, Blonde icon, Blue car icon, Blue pencil icon, Bluetooth icon, Boat icon, Bold icon, Bomb icon, Book icon, Book Library icon, Book of records icon, Book-keeper icon, Bookmark icon, Bookmark pin icon, Boss icon, Bottom icon, Box icon, Boy icon, Brick wall icon, Bricks icon, Brief case icon, Briefcase icon, British flag icon, Broken display icon, Brush icon, Building icon, Buildings icon, Bulldozer icon, Bundle icon, Buoy icon, Burn CD icon, Burn recycle bin icon, Burn Text icon, Burner icon, Bus icon, Busy icon, Buy icon, Buyer bag icon, Cable icon, Cable heating icon, Cabriolet icon, Calc stakes icon, Calculate table icon, Calculated field icon, Calculator icon, Calendar icon, Call icon, Call table icon, Call up icon, Camcoder icon, Camcorder icon, Camel icon, Camera icon, Cancel icon, Car icon, Car card index icon, Car crash icon, Car expenses icon, Car key icon, Car repair icon, Card icon, Card file icon, Card index icon, Card terminal icon, Cards icon, Cargo icon, Cargo ship icon, Cars icon, Case History icon, Cash register icon, Category icon, CCTV icon, CD icon, CD-disk icon, Ceiling fixture icon, Cellphone icon, Center icon, Certificate icon, Certification icon, Certification seal icon, Chart icon, Chat icon, Check boxes icon, Check file icon, Check options icon, Check out cart icon, Check table icon, Checking area icon, Cheque icon, Chief medical officer icon, Children icon, China icon, Chip icon, Choose table icon, City icon, Clear icon, Clear Document icon, Clear table icon, Client icon, Client group icon, Client list icon, Clients icon, Clients icon, Clip icon, Clipboard icon, Clock icon, Clone icon, Close icon, Close barrier icon, Close folder icon, Closed folder icon, Closed package icon, Clothes icon, Cloud computing icon, Cms icon, Coffee icon, Coffee break icon, Coin icon, Coins icon, Color icon, Color balance icon, Color layers icon, Color palette icon, Color profile icon, Comment icon, Company icon, Compare files icon, Compass icon, Component icon, Computer icon, Computer access icon, Computer doctor icon, Computers icon, Conference icon, Config icon, Configuration icon, Configuration1 icon, Connect icon, Connect database icon, Construction icon, Contact icon, Contact1 icon, Content icon, Contrast icon, Control panel icon, Conversion of currency icon, Convert sound icon, Converter icon, Copy icon, Copy database icon, Copy document icon, Copyright icon, Copyright table icon, Copywriter icon, Correct table icon, Cosmetics icon, Counter icon, Courier icon, Crane truck icon, Crawler crane icon, Create icon, Create table icon, Create user icon, Create user group icon, Create users icon, Credit icon, Credit card icon, Credit card table icon, Credit cards icon, Credit table icon, Curve points icon, Customers icon, Cut icon, Cut table icon, Danger icon, Dashboard icon, Data cube icon, Data filter icon, Data server icon, Data set icon, Data source icon, Data synchronization icon, Data transfer icon, Data transmission icon, Database icon, Database access icon, Database configuration icon, Database security icon, Database table icon, Dataset provider icon, Datasheet icon, Datasheets icon, Date and time icon, DB icon, DB events icon, Db relations icon, DB1 icon, Death icon, Decorator icon, Delete icon, Delete database icon, Delete note icon, Delete record icon, Delete table icon, Delete user icon, Delivery icon, Demography icon, Design icon, Designer icon, Desk icon, Desk clock icon, Desk lamp icon, Desktop icon, Desktop computer icon, Destroy database icon, Diagram icon, Dial icon, Dialing icon, Diary icon, Digital clock icon, Digital signature icon, Digits icon, Diode icon, Directory icon, Disabled icon, Disaster icon, Disconnect icon, Disconnect database icon, Display icon, DLL icon, Doctor icon, Documents icon, Dollar icon, Donation icon, Done tasks icon, Door icon, Down icon, Download icon, Download image icon, Downward pointer icon, Draft icon, Driil icon, Driver icon, Dropdown list icon, Dropper icon, Drugs icon, Drum icon, DVD icon, Earnings icon, Earth icon, Ecology icon, Edit data icon, Edit document icon, Edit prices icon, Edit table icon, Edit text icon, Edit user icon, Editor icon, Einstein icon, Electric icon, Electric hazard icon, Electrical outlet icon, Electrical plug icon, Electronics icon, Element icon, Email icon, Email field icon, Emotion icons icon, Empty black button icon, Empty blue button icon, Empty dustbin icon, Empty green button icon, Empty red button icon, Empty silver button icon, Empty yellow button icon, Enabled icon, Encipher icon, Energy icon, Engineer icon, Enlarge size icon, Enter icon, Entire network icon, Envelope icon, Environment icon, Erase table icon, Eraser icon, Error icon, European flag icon, Event manager icon, Events icon, Excavator icon, Excel icon, Execute icon, Exit icon, Expert icon, Explore icon, Explosive icon, Export table icon, Export text icon, Express block icon, Extract icon, Eye icon, Facebook icon, Factory icon, Family icon, FAQ icon, Fast back icon, Fast forward icon, Fast table icon, Favourites icon, Favourites table icon, Fax icon, Fax1 icon, Feather icon, Female icon, Female profile icon, Figures icon, File server icon, Filmclapper icon, Filter icon, Filter table icon, Filters icon, Final document icon, Finance icon, Find icon, Find data icon, Find in folder icon, Find on computer icon, Find table icon, Find text icon, Find user icon, Find users icon, Finger print icon, Fingerprint reader icon, Fire damage icon, Fire engine icon, Fireball icon, Firewall icon, First icon, First aid icon, First record icon, Flame icon, Flights icon, Flip icon, Flip horizontally icon, Flip vertically icon, Flood fill icon, Floppy icon, Flow Block icon, Flowchart icon, Flowchart builder icon, Flowers icon, Fluorescent lamp icon, Folder tree icon, Font style icon, Food icon, Forbidden icon, Forbidden table icon, Forklift truck icon, Form icon, Forms icon, Formula icon, Forum icon, Forward icon, Frame icon, Frames icon, Free icon, Freight car icon, Freight charges icon, Freight Container icon, Fruits icon, FTP icon, FTP account icon, Fuel icon, Full basket icon, Full dustbin icon, Full recycle bin icon, Function icon, Function x icon, Furniture icon, Gallery icon, Gamepad icon, Games icon, Gantt chart icon, Gantt charts icon, Gateway icon, Gauge icon, Gear icon, Genealogy icon, Generator icon, Get mail icon, Gift icon, Girl icon, Global table icon, Globe icon, Go icon, Go back icon, Go down icon, Go forward icon, Go up icon, Good mark icon, Goods icon, GPS icon, GPS navigator icon, Gradation icon, Graph icon, Graphic design icon, Graphic designer icon, Graphic tool icon, Graphic tools icon, Green flag icon, Green pencil icon, Green redo icon, Grid icon, Guy icon, Hacker icon, Hammer icon, Hand icon, Hand truck icon, Handshake icon, Hangar icon, Hangup icon, Hard drive icon, HDD icon, Head phones icon, Helicopter icon, Helmet icon, Help icon, Help book icon, Hide icon, Hierarchy icon, High temperature icon, Hiker icon, Hint icon, Hints icon, History icon, Hoisting crane icon, Holidays icon, Home icon, Home network icon, Home technics icon, Home v2 icon, Homepage icon, Horse icon, Hospital nurse icon, Hosting icon, Hotel icon, Hourglass icon, House icon, How to icon, Html message icon, Hub icon, Hyperlink icon, Icon design icon, Image icon, Image file icon, Image1 icon, Images icon, Import table icon, Import text icon, Income icon, Income table icon, Index icon, Info icon, Information icon, Infrastructure icon, Inquiry icon, Inspector icon, Install icon, Instrument icon, Insurance icon, Interior icon, Internet icon, Internet access icon, Internet Application icon, Internet bank icon, Internet Explorer icon, Intranet icon, Inventory icon, Invoice icon, IP address icon, IPad icon, IPhone icon, IPod icon, IRDA icon, Italic icon, Items icon, Japan icon, Java icon, Jeep icon, Journey icon, Justify icon, Key icon, Key copy icon, Key keeper icon, Keyboard icon, Keyboard1 icon, Keypad icon, Keys icon, Kitchen icon, Knife icon, Knowledge icon, Korea icon, Lady icon, Lamps icon, Landscape icon, Languages icon, Large group icon, Laser printer icon, Last icon, Last record icon, Lecturer icon, Left-right icon, Letter icon, Letter table icon, Letters and digits icon, Light diode lamp icon, Link icon, List icon, List Page icon, Lists icon, Lists1 icon, Loading icon, Local security policy icon, Location icon, Lock icon, Lock database icon, Lock table icon, Lock user icon, Lock users icon, Locked users icon, Locked users1 icon, Login icon, Login form icon, Logistics icon, Logout icon, Look table icon, Lookup icon, Lorry icon, Loud speaker icon, Love icon, Low temperature icon, Macro icon, Mad scientist icon, Mail icon, Mailbox icon, Maintenance icon, Male icon, Map icon, Maps icon, Mark table icon, Market icon, Market report icon, Marketer icon, Matrix icon, Measure icon, Measure1 icon, Mechanic icon, Medical icon, Medical insurance icon, Medical Store icon, Medical supplies icon, Meeting icon, Megaphone icon, Memory icon, Merge tables icon, Message icon, Messages icon, Metal shopping cart icon, Microphone icon, Microprocessor icon, Microsoft flag icon, Midi converter icon, Minus icon, Mobile Phone icon, Modules icon, Money icon, Money bag icon, Money table icon, Money turnover icon, Monitor icon, Monitor and phone icon, Monkey icon, Moon icon, Mortgage loan icon, Mouse icon, Move icon, Move diagonally icon, Movie icon, Multimedia file icon, Multiple problems icon, Music icon, Music converter icon, Music disk icon, Music notes icon, Music table icon, Music1 icon, Musical instruments icon, My computer icon, My pictures icon, Navigator icon, Nested table icon, Network icon, Network computer icon, Network connection icon, Network group icon, Network traffic icon, New icon, New database icon, New file icon, New folder icon, New note icon, New table icon, News icon, News source icon, Newspaper icon, Next icon, Next note icon, Next record icon, Next table icon, Next user icon, No icon, No paper icon, No sound icon, No table icon, Note icon, Notebook icon, Notebook computer icon, Notepad icon, Notes icon, Number icon, Number list icon, Numbers icon, Object icon, Object manager icon, Objects icon, Office icon, Office chair icon, Office phone icon, OK icon, OK table icon, Online contacts icon, Online library icon, Online references icon, Online Store icon, Open icon, Open barrier icon, Open Book icon, Open card index icon, Open door icon, Open file icon, Open folder icon, Open lock icon, Open mail icon, Open references icon, Orange bus icon, Order icon, Order tracking icon, Out of service icon, Overpatching icon, Pack icon, Package icon, Page icon, Page break icon, Page structure icon, Paint icon, Painter icon, Palette icon, Pallet icon, Pallet 3d icon, Pan icon, Pan map icon, Panel Truck icon, Paper icon, Parental Control icon, Paste icon, Paste document icon, Pause icon, Payment icon, Payments icon, PC access icon, PCMCIA device icon, PC-PDA synchronization icon, PC-Web synchronization icon, PDA icon, PDF file icon, Pen 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Acquire Awesome Health Care Icons with Regard to Windows Software Devices Today

Now you can get hold of clinical designs for your units functioning about the MS Windows platform. This really is wonderful not simply if you are a medical practitioner but even when you desire a fascinating looking exhibit for your product to show it. Most are intended for download and install and then have been completely particularly colour coded for your tool.

The actual medical icons for MS Windows program dependent devices are good for consumption inside applications along with application. These applications produced for the attention method be spontaneous plus much more user friendly due to the usage of the medical emblems. The designs signify several pursuits an example may be more likely to come across inside a healthcare procedure.

Build excellent mobile applications for your medical program! The range associated with Health care Designs with regard to WP7 offers 378 special photographs denoting the various products and also designs you'll probably expertise within just individual enrollment tables, prescription, scheduling details along with treatment pharMaceutical drug software. Health-related Designs with regard to WP7 are generally used firm conformity in addition to Microsoft Picture Fashion Recommendations for your Microsoft Windows Cell phone program, as well as satisfy all of the requirements from the WP7 along with Windows operating system 8 applications. The specific emblems develop the correct sizing, the very best coloring, and are also completely centered.

Almost all pictures are available in one sized 48 by forty eight pixels utilized your see-thorugh qualifications. This photograph is situated in the main sq associated with 26x26 pixels which is necessitated through the Suggestions. Grayscale as well as many coloured different versions are offered for each and every image. The photos are offered inside of PNG documents. You can a software bar for the website every single by way of XAML in addition to transmission GUIding. There are numerous style tips with regard to Software program tavern any engineer needs to recognize prior to creating and also developing his or her Home Windows Cell phone computer software. Application Pub comes with a in-built cartoon and also revolving GUIdance. Therefore, make use of it to help keep uniformity through most Microsoft Windows Pone programs. Forever use an image linked to White-colored coloring in addition to Clear history. When you have one more principle searching for your individual mobile phone, the applying Bar will colorize every one of them correctly. Employ 48 by simply forty-eight picture pictures using the true picture information situated inside a midsection part of 26x26 pixels. Certainly not draw the particular group to the professional icons because which is enticed with the Software Bar alone. Make use of emblems for some common directions. It is possible to place only 1 - 4 picture links within the screen. Therefore, if you would like over several guidelines to create the Application Club, utilize Menu item to the further actions. Don't position greater than five menus components of the application form bar. This could build a scroll club inside the User interface plus the individual will need to search in order to select the goods. Don't add more as compared to twenty figures inside checklist, given it doesn't need help with value to advance Text message format including Reducing and/or Term Wrap.

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