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Dozens of stock menu icon collections for software design and web development, mobile apps and online projects. These ready-made icon sets will match styles defined in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android mobile devices. A variety of styles and file formats are included with every order. Our stock menu icons are professionally created and packaged into matching sets.

 Glossy Menu Icon Set

Glossy Icons

Glossy Menu Icon Set is a large pack of bright, slick-looking icons. These glossy pictograms can be used within virtually any application designed for all popular desktop, server, or mobile operating systems.

 Large Menu Icons

Large Icons

 Logic Menu Icons

Logic Icons

 Soft Menu Icons

Soft Icons

 Classic Menu Icons

Classic Icons

 Windows 7 Menu Icons

Windows 7 Icons

 XP Menu Icons

XP Icons

 Shiny Menu Icons

Shiny Icons

 3d Menu Icons

3d Icons

 Menu Icons with Shadow

Shadow Icons

 Ordinary Menu Icons

ordinary Icons

 Brilliant Menu Icons

Brilliant Icons

 Menu Icons for iPhone

iPhone Icons

 Impressive Menu Icons

Impressive Icons

 Plastic Menu Icons

Plastic Icons

 Simple Menu Icons

Simple Icons

 Smooth Menu Icons

Smooth Icons

 App Menu Icons

App Icons

 Fun Menu Icons

Fun Icons

 Android Menu Icons

Android Icons

 Android Style Menu Icons

Android Style Menu Icons

 Black Menu Icons

Black Icons

 Menu Bar Icons for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

Menu Bar iOS Icons

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Icon Design Excels at MenuIcon.Org

Selecting appropriate and visually-pleasing graphics for menu icons can make a significant difference in software success.

The creation of sturdy, reliable code and a sensible user interface are both crucial elements of successful application development, but without the right collection of menu icons, development projects are likely to fall short of reaching their full potential. Attractive and meaningful menu icons are responsible for helping users understand and access the various functionalities of a given application or computer environment, and when these important items are treated with the professionalism they deserve, great things are possible. MenuIcon.Org gives developers the opportunity to accent their development projects with beautiful, professional icon graphics that accurately represent various functions and features while boasting a winning style.

Quality icon design requires a close attention to the ability of a small graphic to communicate with users, and MenuIcon.Org has mastered the art of crafting menu and toolbar icons, and even icons for desktops and mobile platforms, to standards that ensure meaningful connection with a project's user base. In addition to the delivery of understandable and relevant icon subject matter, MenuIcon.Org's artists have devoted careful attention to the creation of beautiful graphics that are sure to lend style and visual appeal to any environment. Icon searchers can choose from glossy and modern-looking graphics, classic designs, 3D and shadow-accented icons, bright or colorful icons, and many other options, including icons designed specifically to complement modern operating system styles.

Stock icons don't have to be boring. With the aid of MenuIcon.Org's inventive and attractive graphics, it's easy to incorporate a touch of style and class into development projects. Fitting single icons or full icon sets into a program or environment is easy with the site's offering of graphics in several sizes and file formats, and purchases are delivered immediately to allow for rapid incorporation. Making the choice to insist on quality icons is a move that brings additional value and usability to all software, from the smallest application to the most extensive program.

Menu Icons: Ordering Custom Images

While we offer a broad selection of quality ready-made icons, making it possible to quickly design an application or Web site without overpaying, some of our customers require graphics tailored specifically to their needs. We're always happy to provide custom graphic design services, drawing icons, logotypes and Web graphics made to your specifications.

More often than not, we see our customers purchasing one or more of the ready-made sets, and then ordering us to design just a few extra images they need in their product. By combining a stock icon collection with a few unique images drawn to your specifications, you get a great combination of matching graphics and unique looks. Make your custom-made images more prominent in the product and complement them with a stock collection of your choice to get a perfect blend of style and uniqueness!

Royalty Free Stock and Custom Icons

Our ready-made sets and any graphics you order custom-made for you are always royalty-free. You can use icons you get from us in as many applications, Web sites or software projects as you need - as long as all development happens in your company. You can freely distribute products featuring our icons without paying us any royalties or other fees. Stock icons are the best way to go if you need them fast and/or are on a budget.

Acquire Neat Healthcare Icons for Windows OS Program Gadgets Today

Now you can get hold of healthcare icons for your units functioning over the Microsoft Windows system. This really is wonderful not just if you're an medical practitioner but even if you need a cool looking display for the unit to display it. They're designed for acquire and even happen to be specifically color coded for the device.

The particular health-related icons for Microsoft Windows system primarily based items are good for consumption throughout software and also software. These kinds of applications produced for this treatment system be spontaneous plus more user friendly as a result of using the actual healthcare designs. The emblems signify a lot of pursuits one is prone to come across inside a health-related process.

Create perfect cellular programs for that health-related software! The number connected with Healthcare Icons intended for WP7 gives 378 distinctive photos which represents the many things along with designs you likely will encounter within just patient registration desks, prescription, statigic planning and also medicine prescribed programs. Health-related Symbols with regard to WP7 are usually consumed rigorous conformity together with Microsof company Image Design Recommendations for the Windows Phone method, in addition to meet all of the requirements in the WP7 along with Windows operating system 8 programs. The specific emblems develop the correct sizing, the top color, and therefore are completely centered.

Just about all photographs can be purchased in only one height and width of forty eight by forty-eight pixels utilized the actual see-thorugh track record. The specific image is situated in the principle sq . associated with 26x26 pixels since it is required by the Advice. Non colored documents along with several coloured different versions are offered for every image. The photographs are given inside of PNG paperwork. You can include a software tavern for the site each and every via XAML as well as indication powering. There are numerous type tips pertaining to Application tavern a new developer should know prior to earning and also creating their own Home Windows Telephone application. Software Bar comes with a in-built toon in addition to rotator GUIdance. Consequently, apply it to hold uniformity during virtually all Microsoft Windows Pone applications. Only use a photo associated with Bright color as well as Crystal clear background. In case you have another principle searching for your individual cell phone, the applying Bar will certainly colorize all of them correctly. Make use of forty eight simply by 48 graphic photographs with all the real picture information situated in a very middle part of 26x26 pixels. Never ever draw your party for the professional icons due to the fact which is enticed through the Software program Pub by itself. Take advantage of emblems for the majority of standard instructions. You are able to put just one - several impression control keys from the cell. Consequently, if you need in excess of 4 guidelines to set up the Application Club, make use of the Menu item for that added procedures. Tend not to location a lot more than 5 menus the different parts of the approval club. This could create a scroll pub from the User interface along with the person should search to be able to click the merchandise. Don't combine compared to 20 personas inside list, since it does not have help with respect to succeed Wording format for example Reducing and/or Term Cover.

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